BMlitesThe Brown Mountain Lights phenomena has been around for a number of centuries. Brown Mountain is located in Burke County, near Linville. Some claim that “swamp gas” (principally methane) released by dying plant and animal matter spontaneously ignites and creates the effects. However, most enduring spook lights do not behave in a manner consistent with traditional gaseous activity. The Brown Mountain Lights occur on the side of a mountain where no swampy areas exist. However, they don’t appear “gaseous” anyway and they’ve never been known to start a fire.

There are countless legends surrounding the lights. One of the most popular was featured in the “Legend of the Brown Mountain Lights” bluegrass song. The author, Scott Wiseman, was the nephew of Fate Wiseman, after whom Wiseman’s View was named. Here is that version of the tale:

Brown Mountain was named after a plantation owner who lived in the area in the 1800s. He was kind to his slaves. One night, he ventured onto the mountain to hunt. When he did not return, one of his slaves took a lantern and scoured the ridge for him. He, too, was never seen again. Today, you can still see the “faithful old slave’s” lantern burning as his spirit still searches for his lost master. Of course, the mountain frequently produces multiple lights at the same time.

[On the next page you can read more of the legends PLUS an 11 minute National Geographics video of research performed by a paranormal investigations team. (NOTE: TCCS does not endorse the findings shown in the NG video but presents it for your personal educational interest)].



This is a slide show of pictures taken around the immediate area of the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

We have tried to give a composite view of the prominent scenery that we enjoy year around. You will see our  Carolina hills nature-painted in all of her four seasons beauty and glory; winter, spring, summer and fall (one of our more spectacular sights, especially along the Blue Ridge Parkway that meanders through here).

So, sit back, enjoy and come on up, we have room for you!


(Except as marked, all photos copyright © Daniel M. True)

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