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Well, we’re through, at least for now. We have made some “modest” changes; a new theme (a theme is the general layout of a site) that provides slightly different ways of doing things. You will notice some changes in appearance and the way we display our articles (known as “posts”).

One unique thing is the gallery of pictures that “publicize” our mountainous area. It’s in the center of the Home page and has over 40 pictures that slide from right to  left. All but 2 have been taken and copyrighted by the author shown, the others that were “borrowed” are identified by the photographer’s name, etc. Many photos have come from our field trips as well as other activities around the school and the town and our tri-county area.

The purpose of this regional Gallery is to promote where we are and the beauty of the four seasons that help  attract people to move or vacation here. We have a lot of “visitors” to our site from around the world and this is a way to enhance our tourist industry.

Please check out ALL the posts, even the “older” ones, as much information has been updated.



Field Trip to Moses Cone House

Following a tradition that she established a few years ago our principal, Ms. Teresa Young, gathered a few students, former students and some parents and staff to take a mid-summer outing (or field trip) . This time, on June 8th, we went to mile marker 294 on the Blue Ridge Parkway (for the uninitiated, that’s toward Boone) to the Moses Cone Manor.

The Cone Memorial Park preserves the country estate of Moses Cone, a prosperous textile entrepreneur, conservationist, and philanthropist of the Gilded Age. Its centerpiece is Flat Top Manor, a gleaming white 20-room, 13,000 square foot mansion built in 1901 in the grand Colonial Revival style.

Twenty-five miles of carriage trails wind through the fields and forests of the 3,500-acre estate. The trails are available to horse drawn carriages, horseback riding, and hiking. Moses Cone’s interest in nature and conservation led him to plant extensive white pine forests and hemlock hedges, build several lakes stocked with bass and trout, and plant a 10,000-tree apple orchard. After a tour of the mansion and a healthy walk on one of the trails, we then drove into Boone and had lunch at Chick-fil-A. 

It’s worth your time to see the magnificence of the Cone Estate and enjoy the walking trails. If you want to ride you must BYOH (bring your own horse) and by all means, watch where you step! There is NO admission fee to visit the park and mansion – a gift shop of mostly local crafts is featured.

Some of the beauty of that place was captured photographically and you’ll find a slide show of the photos on the next page.


This is a slide show of pictures taken around the immediate area of the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

We have tried to give a composite view of the prominent scenery that we enjoy year around. You will see our  Carolina hills nature-painted in all of her four seasons beauty and glory; winter, spring, summer and fall (one of our more spectacular sights, especially along the Blue Ridge Parkway that meanders through here).

So, sit back, enjoy and come on up, we have room for you!


The Importance of a WEB Site

(from the WEB Master)

The world has had WEB sites for over 25 years – all kinds, featuring just about anything one can think of. In fact, there are billions of sites out there and the number is growing rapidly each year.

So, who makes use of these sites? Basically, people who are searching for information about: cars, cabins, cruises, Christ, candy, callouses – just about anything that sparks your interest.


When we began our TCCS WEB site five years ago our main purpose was to provide an avenue into the activities of our school for parents, friends and others who are interested in what we do here. It’s also a good place for former students to “check out” their old stomping grounds and the current group of students.


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Viewing “Important Information”

Here’s a reminder regarding the checking of any new notices (scrolling messages displayed at the top right) for information on school closings, etc. If you have your Internet Browser (Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge or any other) displaying the school’s WEB site (like RIGHT NOW), be sure to occasionally “refresh” the site to see any changes in the notices, weather, or any recently added or modified postings.

To “refresh,” simply select Home on the menu bar at the top, click on the picture of the school (at the top), press F5 (on PC’s)  OR close the site and re-open it. Any of these methods will display the latest iteration, showing all the up-to-date material.

We do NOT encourage you to power down and back up; doing so causes unnecessary voltage stress on the computer’s power supply, leading to early failure. A power-on reboot will usually correct a majority of technical problems. And, only shut down by using the menu-driven method; never by just pressing the power button! To do so will cause you to lose all recent software updates.


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