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infoEach year we have new students as well as new viewers to our WEB site. To accommodate them and for the occasional visitors to the site, we would like to present a quick indoctrination or refresher as to what you may find on the site and how you can use it to “Stay In Touch ” with school activities.

You can contact the school administration, see the schedule of events, check the area weather as well as receive notification of Important or Urgent school events, like weather delays/closing, etc. On the next page we will go into detail about these & other features.


Beginning at the top, above the picture of the school, there are a number of Menu selections. Most are self-explanatory as to their content. You can get much additional information about this site as well as the school by “tabbing” through each.

Starting on the top right-hand side below the picture is the area for Important Information. That will be displayed in a banner, bottom to top, scrolling to get your attention. This alert system will remain blank until it is needed. RED text indicates highly important announcements.

A handy use of this feature is to notify you, the parent or student, of impending school closure or delay of starting school due to weather or other circumstances. By monitoring this site on those questionable days, you will see almost instantly when a decision has been made, regardless of the time of day – day or night. If you try to call the school, chances are that you will get a busy signal since there is a lot of phone traffic. Check the WEB – you’ll get your answer immediately BUT you must “refresh” your browser to see any recent changes!

Right under that is a capsule view of area weather that is updated hourly. Extreme or emergency regional weather conditions are framed in a red box. Select that to view the warning from the local U. S. Weather Service. For detailed, long-range Spruce Pine weather, If your mouse selects the WU icon, just under the smiley face, it will show complete details about current local conditions and  a 10-day forecast, useful for planning your week.


Above the weather is the list of Upcoming Events. This will show you dates and times of scheduled happenings and could be helpful to parents in planning for the day’s activities. On many items if you click on the event you can find additional details.


Our Favorite Links show those organizations that we recommend due to their connection to and scholastic and financial support of our school.


The FUN PAGE ! is just that – interesting or funny items that we feel you’ll enjoy.


NCSEAA – what is it? Well, it is a North Carolina state-funded agency designed to assist those who would like to have their child or children attend a non-public school (like Tri-County Christian School) but to do so would present a financial difficulty. This agency annually provides scholarship money, limited to the size of the county, the number of scholarships available, etc.

We present it here for your convenience. By visiting their WEB site (click on their logo) you can find more information about the program.


Obviously, the Bible Verse of the Day is pretty much self-explanatory!  The supplier of this plugin, Bible Gateway, selects and publishes the verse each day that, hopefully, will give you inspiration. But it is much more than just that. If you click on any of the blue colored links, you will be taken to their WEB site.

At that site you can search for a verse, a topic or just about anything in the Bible. In addition, it offers 52 translations in multiple languages and/or study guides to further assist you in your Bible studies. The default version on our site is the KJV since it is the most popular for our area.

One convenient feature is the tiny speaker icon. If you select that it will “read” the whole chapter to you (not just the selected verse) in a man’s voice. Be alerted though that if you  “listen” to a verse that is from Psalms 119 it will take about fifteen minutes while “he” reads that long chapter to you!


Our students are actively involved in community outreach, both as a group as well as by their individual efforts, and we recognize their endeavors by featuring them in articles on the site and, when the opportunity permits, with pictures taken at those events. We have a Photo Gallery where we are proud to exhibit their accomplishments and successes.


A new addition to our site is the “Site Visitor Stats” and the “Additional Statistics“, shown at the bottom of the page, on the right side. This shows you the number of visitors to our site for today, yesterday and for the whole year. Note that Visitors reflect the number of people who visit and “browse” for a while, not just come to the site and immediately leave. These are actual visitors, not computer devices scanning the internet and not the administrator(s) for this site – we  “visit” many times a day, making updates, etc., and to include us would “skew” the data with a high visitor number! The data shown is interactive, meaning it updates each time a visitor arrives on our site. But, you would have to “refresh” your browser to appreciate the number change.

The Additional Statistics page shows a more detailed view of data, including the top ten countries visiting, some pages they view, etc. This is NOT interactive; we will manually update this page monthly.

This datum shows the outreach of this WEB site and, consequently, how we can touch the world for Christ!


Tri-County Christian School is obviously Christ-centered (see About TCCS, at the top). We are fortunate to have a wonderful student body (as well as our staff) and for that reason we use this site to chronicle their achievements. Children are a product of their environment, and we know that “our students” are well trained in their homes and that makes the work of our teachers much easier.  One day your child may become a leader in our Nation.   (Psalms 127:3)

As part of our mission of bringing quality education to our students, our ultimate purpose is to lead to the Lord whosoever will. If you are not a Christian and would like to know more about accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, click on the icon at the very bottom of this page – “The Lord is my Shepherd “. Simple, easy to understand  directions will appear that, after following them, your life will be changed – FOREVER!

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