The Importance of a WEB Site


The Importance of a WEB Site

(from the senior WEB Master)

The world has had WEB sites for over 25 years – all kinds, featuring just about anything one can think of. In fact, there are billions of sites out there and the number is growing rapidly each year.

So, who makes use of these sites? Basically, people who are searching for information about: cars, cabins, cruises, Christ, candy, callouses – just about anything that sparks your interest.


When we began our TCCS WEB site over five years ago our main purpose was to provide an avenue into the activities of our school for parents, friends and others who are interested in what we do here. It’s also a good place for former students to “check out” their old stomping grounds and the current group of students.


We have installed an app that will show us as much statistics as one would need to see as to who is using our site – things like the countries in which our “visitors” reside, the number of visitors we have dropping by – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly – and even the types of computer operating systems that those folks are using!

We have added an abbreviated version of this app (Site Visitor Stats) at the bottom right side of this page that shows visitors for today, yesterday’s visitors and a total of all visitors for the year – keeping in mind that this app was only installed in late July. This data is automatically proactively updated. Occasionally we will show other things like countries visiting, what they are looking at on our site, etc. You’ll be surprise at who is watching us!

[Incidentally, “visitors” means people (not computers or search engines) who visit the site and look around for a minimum of 5 or so minutes. And, our administrative staff are also excluded in the count.]


For the past three years we have trained five students plus our administrator (who audited the class) in a two-year-long class on building, updating and maintaining our WEB site. This is to prepare for progression of students and staff while having continuity inĀ  maintaining the site in-house. In addition to having close support for our site, this (volunteer) class also trains those students to possibly develop an occupation in the field.

This WEB site has been formatted to be viewed on most “smart phones” as well as the usual desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. So, you can “take us with you“!

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