Photo Gallery

This is the Photo Gallery. It contains pictures from field trips as well as other activities of TCCS. As the year advances more and more photos will be added, and you can find them here, even if the posts that contained the stories are removed!

Just select the event you want to review and it will display a slide show of those photos. By placing your mouse pointer over a picture  the slide show will halt until the mouse is moved.

In case you would like to have copies of any of the individual photos shown here we recommend that you contact the school office. The pictures you see here are of low resolution, fine for the WEB site, but not good for printing. We can provide FREE printer-ready digital pictures; you’ll like them much better!


  1.  Riverfest Walk
  2. Overmountain Victory Tour (Gem Museum)
  3. Overmountain Men Victory Trail Walk (Unimin)
  4. 1st Day – Start of School
  5. Visit to Grandfather Mountain