Surfing The Site


This WEB site was designed to be easy to search/find things, however a few items may be hidden or unclear. So, we provide the following “tutorial” about our site.

First, this is a “blog” (WEB LOG) site as well as a source of information about the school and its activities. What that means is articles (called “posts” or “postings”) will appear on the front, or Home page, on a regular basis. Each posting will allow you the opportunity to express your comments or opinions at the bottom of the page and you are encouraged to share your thoughts, etc. This is similar to a newspaper (“letters to the editor”?) except you can comment on-line immediately after you read it.

The postings will be written by staff or students, guests, etc. In fact, if YOU have an article that you have written that you would like to share, you may e-mail it (see “Contacts”, above) for staff review. After a quick moderation process, your story will usually be posted.

If you want to leave a Reply (Comment) to a posting, you may log in at the bottom of the page. You don’t have to use your real name if you choose to use an “alias”. You must give your e-mail address (that will not be seen on the site – that’s for our record). After composing the comment, just finish the “math” problem shown and “Post”. That’s it!


Along the top (above the picture of our school) you will see other menu items; clicking on any will take you to the information on those pages. Please take note of the “Give To TCCS” tab – every bit helps! This menu will “stick” to the top of the site regardless of how far down you scroll.

You will also see a Gallery of pictures that highlight some of the various activities in which TCCS students and guests are involved. New picture galleries are added regularly. Most school/student functions are opened to the public and you are invited to attend. At the right you can check the “Upcoming Events” on our calendar for the event, day and time.


An important feature of the site is located on top of the right-side menu: School Announcements.¬†When you need to be notified of changes from the normal, like early closing for snow, an announcement in RED will be displayed. This will curtail delays if you try to use the phone in getting answers about “conditions” since there is only one phone line at the school. Announcement will be active for the duration of the situation. Be sure to refresh your browser during inclement weather to get the latest announcements as well as updating the “Weather Forecast” (that changes hourly).


A new feature is our “Highlands Area” gallery, a slide show on the front page that scrolls a variety of local and area pictures depicting the four-seasons beauty and the scenic and recreational activities that can be found here in the Western North Carolina mountains. Share it with your friends and relatives who may live in sandy, flat, arid regions!


As more features are added instructions will be appended to this page. Do come back often!